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FÚLBO, a word that represents our passion for soccer in a language that we have become accustomed to using since we were little, either on the field as players or as a fan of the club that represents us, is passionate and excites us. The word that represents our culture, our idiosyncrasies and our way of life is encompassed in one word: FÚLBO, which through lunfardo connects with our country.
Our passion for football is represented in many ways, it can be when playing a game, with our cabals or when watching the club of our loves.
Made of combed cotton, it arises from a collaboration with our Instagram friends @fulbo_fulbo, an account specialized in analyzing soccer matches tactics and concepts.

Our line of thematic t-shirts aims to represent history, culture and country for soccer. Through design, we try to portray and represent moments that remain in the memory of all soccer fans: admired and idolized legends, emblematic shirts and iconic elements of this sport that constantly serve as a source of inspiration.
We are Kiricocho, an exclusive brand for those who understand soccer.
Argentine Industry 🇦🇷
100% cotton

Additional Information:

The shirt is made with combed cotton, this consists of a process to strengthen the fabric, which generates more durability, increases the quality of the garment and favors the dyeing of the fabric, which means that the color will remain for longer since withstands a lot of washing.
The printing of the t-shirt was made with the technique known as serigraphy, which transfers images from a template over a mesh with ink to a desired surface, in this case the FÚLBO T-shirt.